Heil furnace model number location

The location of the model number can be found on the lower left side of the furnace and/or on a plaque on the back of the furnace.

Heil Furnaces and boilers are a leading source of heating and cooling solutions, local technicians and service.

Heil gas furnace model numbers can be found outside the unit. The first two digits after “H” will be the model number.

For example, H26 would be a 26000 BTU natural gas condensing unit.

The company Heil manufactures a range of equipment, including furnaces and boilers.

The model number can be found on the identification plate on the unit’s left side.

The placement of the model number on a Heil furnace is located on the top of the unit in between the two handles and should be visible from both ends.

A typical Heil furnace is an oil, gas or electric-fired furnace used for heating air using a metal coil. The coil usually surrounds a ceramic or metal heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the flame to the air in the room being heated. It is typically installed in an outside wall of a building and provides most of its heating through ducts inside the building.

The model number location on Heil furnaces can be found on either side of the instrument panel on top of the furnace.