Heil furnace model number nomenclature

A heil furnace model number is a unique identification code that identifies the type of home heating system. The first number in a heil furnace model number points to the type of fuel that the furnace uses to heat up, usually natural gas or propane. The second digit indicates where the furnace is located in a home, usually if it is in an attic. The third digit indicates which line of furnaces this particular model belongs to; for example, “0” is for the standard line and “1” is for the high-efficiency line.

The nomenclature of a heil furnace model is usually straightforward.

The model number of a Heil furnace identifies the size, style, efficiency level and BTU output for the specific unit.

Heil furnaces are available in various sizes to meet your heating needs.

Heil furnace model numbers consist of two, a dash, and three more digits. For example, 25-40

1. When the first two digits are “25,” it indicates that the furnace is designed to burn natural gas.

2. If the first two numbers are “30” or “35,” it indicates that the furnace is designed to burn propane gas.

3. If the first two numbers are 40, the furnace has been designed to use oil as its primary fuel source.