Heil furnace not blowing hot air

Heil furnaces are not blowing hot air.

The furnace is not heating, even if the pilot light is lit.

The thermostat may be set too low; the gas valve could be closed or plugged; a circuit breaker in the house could be tripped; the furnace may need to be professionally serviced.

This is a discussion of the problem of the heil furnace not blowing hot air and what to do about it.

A lack of hot air from the furnace can be due to several issues. The first thing to do is ensure you have an adequate oxygen supply in your home. If you don’t, it’s possible that your furnace has been starved for oxygen and needs more help than a new filter. A heil furnace not blowing hot air can be caused by other problems, such as dirty or clogged filters, which should be addressed immediately by a qualified technician.”

If you are experiencing a problem with the heat being blown out of your furnace, this is likely due to the draft diverter. Draft diverters act as an airlock in your chimney. This airlock prevents cold air from blowing down the chimney, which would later be exhausted from the home’s fan coil units. The problem can be solved by replacing or repairing the draft diverter for a more efficient hot air flow.