High-limit switch on a Goodman furnace

This article will provide detailed instructions on troubleshooting the high-limit switch on a Goodman furnace.

Step 1: Check the power cord. Make sure it runs from the furnace to the nearest electrical outlet without interruption, such as a damaged cord or a loose connection.

Step 2: Check for power at the high-limit switch. To do this, turn off power to the furnace and disconnect one wire at a time from (or touch each of) two terminals on top of the high limit switch near where you removed vents in step 1. If there is power when you remove one wire and no power when you remove other, then your problem is with this wire and not with that terminal or the high-limit switch itself.

Step 3: If your problem persists after all these steps, your issue may be with another component in your system that we have not yet addressed or may need replacement.

The high limit switch is an electronic device that interrupts the electric power to limit the electric current that can flow. This can also be called a safety switch or cut-off switch.

This high-limit switch is designed to operate under extreme conditions. It will shut down the power supply if there is a catastrophic event such as a short circuit, overcurrent, or overheating.

Goodman high-limit switches are used in residential gas furnaces. The unit has two high-limit switches, and when either one is activated, it causes the furnace to stop operating.

Goodman high-limit switches are mechanical devices that use electromagnets to detect temperature changes in a heating element or flame sensor.

A problem with the furnace will be indicated if one of these high-limit switches is triggered. In this case, it would be wise to call a professional to prevent further damage.

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