How to clear error codes on Lennox furnace

Two or three numbers usually follow error codes.

The error code indicates what’s wrong with the furnace, so you’ll want to look for numbers that are representative of the types of errors that could be displayed on your furnace.

The first thing someone needs to do is find out the error code. This can be done by looking for a sticker on the Lennox furnace, or it could be found using a search online.

Once you know what the error code is, make sure you clear it by following instructions from the manual of your Lennox furnace or instructions from a tutorial online.

Error codes on a furnace can be fixed using the Lennox User Interface. The error codes might be displayed after the system has been used for a while.

To clear the error codes, tap on the icon at the top-left of your screen. A menu will pop up, and, from there, you will be able to select “Clear Codes.” After this, the code should disappear, and everything should work normally.

It is easy to clear out some error codes. Others may need professional assistance.

One way to clear error codes on Lennox furnaces is resetting the power. The “electric circuit breaker” can be a good spot to start. Consumers can also call in a technician or refer to their furnace manual for help clearing out the error code on their system.