Inducer motor for Armstrong furnace

The inducer motor for the Armstrong furnace has the main function of supplying drafts to the furnace. If an inducer motor for an Armstrong furnace is not working correctly, it could lead to serious consequences.

An inducer motor for an Armstrong furnace is a type of electric fan for generating drafts. They are often used in coal, gas, and oil furnaces to improve combustion or increase the speed of the combustion process. Draft refers to how fast air moves through a space and how quickly it can move heat away from an object. The movement of air through space creates what is known as convection. Draft largely depends on gravity, which is one reason why furnaces with vents at the top are usually more effective than those with vents at the bottom due to natural differences in elevation in different parts of buildings.

An inducer motor uses an electric induction field which can produce a strong draft while consuming less energy at low speeds than traditional fans such as propeller-style fans or centrifugal blowers, though

The inducer motor is one of the most important components of a furnace. It is responsible for circulating the air inside the furnace to maintain an even temperature.

A lot of problems can occur when the inducer fails – it can cause a significant drop in efficiency, and carbon monoxide levels can rise. The cost of repairs will depend on how old your furnace is and how long it’s been out of service.

In the present invention, a rotating inducer motor is used to allow air to enter the furnace at a greater rate than with just natural convection. The inducer motor is mounted on the end of a long shaft and is turned by an electric motor.

In this invention, the inducer motor is mounted on the end of a shaft and there are two sets of bearings for support.

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