inducer motor for Goodman furnace

A goodman furnace needs an inducer motor to circulate air and heat water. If you need to replace your Goodman furnace inducer motor, here are some quick steps on how to do it.

Step 1: remove the old inducer motor.

-Locate the old and broken inducer motor and disconnect the wires. You might need a flathead screwdriver or a wrench for this step.

-Be careful not to bend any wires, but take them with you when removing the old inducer motor so you can put them back in after installing the new one.

-Remove both bolts that are holding on to the upper wood baffle (usually two) with a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench, then detach from the mounting bracket. Now use your hands to take out the lower wood baffle by removing all

An inducer motor is a device which creates a low pressure inside the furnace to suck air in and also force air out. When a furnace’s blower fails, an inducer motor may be the cause.

A Goodman inducer motor is an integral component of a furnace. It is designed to create a low pressure that sucks air in and forces air out of the furnace. If your furnace has stopped producing heat, it might be caused by your new Goodman inducer motor!

The Installation of the inducer motor for the Goodman furnace is done by removing the front panel and locating the fan housing. The fan housing will have a large number, which will be matched to a part designated as an induction motor.

This is a fairly involved process, so please consult your specific installation manual or contact your local heating contractor if you have any questions.

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