Intertherm furnace codes

Intertherm furnace codes are part of the safety guidelines that Intertherm furnaces must comply with to ensure the safety of their customers. Intertherm furnace codes are also important for licensed technicians and Gas Safe Register officials.
Intertherm furnace codes describe when a particular action needs to be performed and what process is involved to ensure safety during installation, operation and maintenance.
What people often forget is that these furnace codes don’t only apply to the Intertherm furnaces themselves. These codes also apply to any products or components installed inside them, like the duct, blowers & dampers etc., which all need specific treatment.
Trusted furnace codes and Intertherm furnace codes are codes used to check the operation of furnaces manufactured by Intertherm.
Trusted Furnace Codes: With Trusted Furnace Codes, Intertherm ensures that its furnaces are safe for consumers. The codes provide a unique identification number to the furnace with a corresponding use interval. When you buy an Intertherm furnace, you get a warranty card describing your code as well as instructions on how you can verify your code online.
To maintain their top-notch performance, many companies use Intertherm furnace codes. These codes are a set of instructions that are given to the company’s staff to make sure that the air conditioner does not malfunction.
The idea is simple: provide a tool for staff to follow when setting up and maintaining the company’s air conditioning systems. These codes help avoid errors in installing or troubleshooting a system in cases of problems and emergencies.

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