Lennox furnace error code e125

Lennox furnaces have a system error code E125. This warning sign indicates that the furnace is not running well and needs attention.

Lennox furnaces burn too hot, causing an error code e125. If left untreated, this issue can lead to serious electric problems in the home, like carbon monoxide leaks and fires. To resolve this issue, it’s important to identify what caused the error and make some changes as needed.

Lennox furnaces work differently than other heating systems in homes for one simple reason: they use an Electric Heat Pump instead of a gas heat pump or combustion blower unit (see “How does Power Furnace work?” below).

Lennox furnaces are just as popular as they were decades ago. However, the last update from Lennox was around ten years ago. With lennox furnace error code e125, the furnace can’t be controlled remotely and generates a lot of noise.

The most common cause of this error is the wiring or electrical issues, which can be fixed by contacting a service technician or replacing parts independently.

When your furnace has a lennox furnace error code e125, there are three ways to fix it: call for service, fix it yourself or replace parts that may have gone bad.

There are some common errors that lennox furnace may give. Which error code does your lennox furnace have?

E125: The safety device has been tripped, and the burner is off.

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