Lennox furnace error code 114

Lennox furnaces have a variety of error codes that homeowners can receive. Some error codes are more serious than others, but all should be treated with care. This article discusses diagnostic trouble code 114, which is used to indicate that the furnace is operating in tip-over mode.

Lennox Furnace Error Code 114: A Problem with the Pilot Sensor

In this message, there has been a miscommunication between the pilot sensor and the safety device in your Lennox furnace, which prevents it from starting normally. The safety device should prevent you from turning on your furnace while it’s in operation. Still, it seems as though you’ve bypassed this element by turning on your furnace manually after receiving this malfunction message. What you need to do next is contact Lennox customer service.

Lennox furnaces are considered to be the best furnaces in the market. However, when they are having trouble with their furnace, they might get an error code 114 and need to call a repairman.

In this case, an AI writing tool can automatically recognize the issue and provide an appropriate solution for the customer on its website. For example, it might suggest having a technician come to diagnose and repair it on site.

Lennox furnace error code 114 is usually caused by a leak.

If your Lennox furnace gives you an error code 114, a leak may be the problem. The leak can most likely be found in the same area where the vents are located.