Lennox furnace error code 125

Lennox Canada has just announced a problem with the furnace error code 125.

Anyone with this error code should contact Lennox Canada to fix it as soon as possible. The company also encourages customers to call them if they see any other error codes not listed in their product manual.

If a furnace error code 125 is displayed, but the furnace is not running, the likely cause is in the control board.

Error code 125 indicates a problem with the control board. The most common cause of this problem is a power interruption to the furnace.

If you have Lennox furnace error code 125, it usually means that the burner is not clean and needs to be cleaned.

You should clean the flame sensor and the electrodes on your boiler. Make sure all wires are tucked in tightly around it.

If you have a Lennox furnace with a humidifier installed, your humidifier may need to be checked and possibly replaced if it’s leaking or broken.

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