Lennox furnace error code 201

The Lennox furnace error code 201 is a problem that can occur when the blower senses a problem with the motor. The error code 201 indicates that the furnace has detected thermal overload or an excessively high-pressure switch activation.

The Lennox furnace error code 201 can be fixed with a pressure switch and an air deflector replacement.

When a Lennox gas furnace experiences an error code 201, it is most likely a fault in the control board. In many cases, an error code 201 will be accompanied by other error codes.

There are some possible solutions to this issue. One is to switch off the power supply and disconnect the power leads from the control board for 20 minutes. The other solution is to replace the damaged wires connecting to the heating coil and burner assembly with new ones.

Lennox furnaces provide several error codes that can be used to troubleshoot major issues with the unit.

Numerous factors could cause an error code 201. The most common are:

-Incorrect wiring connections

-Ensure the furnace is grounded properly

-A lack of voltage to the furnace