Lennox furnace error code 229

Lennox furnaces tend to experience problems with their error code 229.

The Lennox Furnace Error Code 229 is defined as “A spark ignitor or contactor (automatic ignition device) is in a position where it does not allow the furnace to operate.”

Differences between gas and oil-fired furnace:

Gas-fired furnaces are natural gas-powered and usually last ten years longer than an oil-fired furnace of the same size. Gas furnaces are also more reliable, less expensive to operate, and quieter than oil furnaces. A gas furnace can generate up to 90% less PM2.5 emissions which are good for the environment and human health.

Lennox furnace error code 229 is a common error code of the Lennox furnace. A problem with the burner causes it to shut down and restart frequently.

The strange thing about this code is that no one can ever find its cause. But recently, there has been a new discovery made by an engineer named Dave Braatz, who found out that this Lennox furnace error code is caused by the component called “thermal limit switch,” which shuts down the burner and restarts it when the temperature gets too high.

This article talks about how this Lennox furnace error code can be fixed if you have a defective component in your heating system.

Lennox furnace error code 229 is the result of a faulty ignitor module. Here are some common causes of this error code.

Here is a breakdown of how to fix this error code –

1) Turn off the circuit breaker, wait 15 minutes, and then turn on the circuit breaker again;

2) If the issue still persists, disable power to both furnace and furnace’s thermostat;

3) Replace the malfunctioning ignitor module by unplugging the electronic ignitor module controller.