Lennox furnace error code 312

Although many Lennox furnace codes exist, Lennox furnace error code 312 is not among them. The error code has been researched and has not been found to exist.

Lennox furnace error code 312 is an error code that comes up when the system detects a problem with the exhaust gas venting. The Lennox furnace error codes are divided into two categories: combustion and venting. This section will cover combustion error codes.

A clogged or obstructed air venturi is the most common cause of combustion errors.

To detect this type of problem, the system may show you a diagnostic trouble code or display an icon on the Lennox furnace control panel. If you do not see these symptoms, confirm that your home’s heating and cooling equipment is operating properly by checking for humidity levels in your air with a hygrometer.

Lennox furnace error code 312 is one of the most common codes you can get when your Lennox system starts up. It will provide you with an error code, a detailed explanation of what it means, and a diagram to help troubleshoot the issue.

One of the most common problems with Lennox furnaces is removing the Stages 2, 3 and 4 heat exchangers by mistake. This system can be difficult to figure out without some help. The Lennox website provides an in-depth explanation that might be helpful if you are having trouble figuring out what the issue is.