Lennox furnace error code 371

The Lennox Furnace error code 371 appears when the furnace is unable to read airflow at the setpoint specified. This error code can be the result of one or more malfunctions such as blockage to airflow ducts or inefficiencies due to dirty filters or faulty fan motors.

The problem is commonly an issue with a water level sensor and is usually easily diagnosed. This can be rectified by simply removing the sensor while the unit is in operation.

Some customers bypass this problem by installing a simple air switch designed to monitor the water levels in the exterior combustion chamber.

Overview: The solution for error code 371 on a Lennox furnace relies on different factors. These solutions can range from bypassing specific components all together to adjusting existing sensors rather than installing new ones or adding costly features such as an airflow switch system unit.

This is the error code that comes when the shutdown became necessary. The consequences of this problem may range from only a minor inconvenience to serious troubles with the furnace, including an entirely lost heating season. Lennox recommends parents start inspecting their equipment and make sure nothing outside of their maintenance plan got them into this situation.

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