Lennox furnace error code 411

This is a diagnostic code that may be displayed or logged upon encountering an unrecoverable fault on the furnace.

A 411 error is generally the result of an error in programming on the user end or sometimes within the furnace control module. In either case, a malfunction with one of these items may result in a 311 being noted on a user’s favorite log device.

The heating not coming on might be a problem with the

thermostat. It might also be helpful to consult a Lennox furnace manual.

The heating not coming on could be due to a malfunctioning factor with the thermostat. You may want to contact a heating professional for confirmation and inquire about the Lennox model failed you have to improve its condition.

These error codes on Lennox furnaces refer to stalled condensers.

F404- Condenser not active

411- Condenser stalled

417- Air in condenser tubing

428- IAC malfunction (replace)

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