Lennox furnace error code 5

Lennox furnace error code 5, L5 on the Lennox system failure is a 5-digit blinking display of red LCD digits, which typically means your system cannot produce enough heat.

Lennox furnaces have an iconic and very noticeable light display in various colors. This is one of the most important functions where a code 5 red LED bears meaning that there is a need to lower the temperature and stop using any power-consuming electronic appliances while waiting for the assistance team.

Above code, code 6 and code 7 indicate the problem with the supply of oxygen to a combustion sensing sensor inside the furnace. There may be cracks in the flue duct that goes from the furnace to the outside or a corroded exhaust pipe.

We can only see errors in our appliance shows errors like codes 5, 6, and 7. The following section of this article introduces Lennox product number error codes.

If your Lennox fan makes an audible clicking noise or if you notice a burning smell coming from it, that could be a sign of an issue with your chemical heating system’s flames.

The technician must troubleshoot and remove the chemical system fuse’s 3 amp loading relay to clear the error code once they are confident that all internal components are at normal operating levels. This may take a while especially if the unusual cause is not identified.

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