Lennox furnace error code 56

Lennox furnace rtu error code 56 is an error code that indicates that the furnace is not receiving enough air.

If you are experiencing this issue with your Lennox furnace, there are several things you can try to fix it. One solution might be replacing your old filter. Another solution is checking the filters for dirt and debris, which can make a clogged filter create a similar problem for your furnace.

When you hear the Lennox furnace rtu error code 56, likely, that your furnace is not receiving enough air. This might be caused by a faulty blower motor, dirty air filters or a clogged filter.

Lennox furnaces have a built-in trouble code to assist you with troubleshooting if there is a major problem. If your furnace has error code 56, you might need a new furnace soon or need to get it serviced.

An error code 56 from the Lennox furnace indicates something is seriously wrong.

The issue could be with the pilot assembly, which would require the replacement of the entire unit or service to fix. It can also mean that there’s something wrong in either or both of your return and supply vents, preventing proper airflow between them.

If your home’s heating system is not working properly, you’ll have no choice but to schedule a service call. You may find yourself on the phone or online with a heating contractor who will walk around your home, inspect your furnace and determine what caused the problem.

However, these days it is possible to avoid this hassle and troubleshoot your heating system using digital tools like Lennox furnace rtu error code 56.

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