Lennox furnace error code 76

Error codes are error messages that describe the settings issue. Most often, the error code will be communicated back to the furnace remote control and displayed on that device as well as an external display unit beside your furnace.

Furnaces are machines that help to generate heat in your home. It takes fuel and it generates warmth. This machine creates heat as well as moves it through the piping system of your house.

In case of Lennox, it is no exception. It too runs on gas which is fired up through a burner to generate heat for warming up the house or room. But what if the furnace doesn’t work? This could be because it is out of order or because there’s some other fault or error with this machine, like with any other machinery.

First and foremost check if the model you have- whether it’s Lennox or not- has this specific error code set for RCN code 76 (RADNOR).

When troubleshooting Lennox furnace error code 76, first you need to perform a voltage check to see if there’s an issue with your system. If the voltage is high, but the PNC or power-line noise is still having an effect, open up all of your breakers in the house and on the furnace using a socket wrench. A call to a service technician will be held as a last measure.

Error code 76 is a more common problem and can be traced back to issues with the gas pressure sensor LP1 (or LP2 for Lennox G24k-2 furnaces), faulty transistors T1 or T2 (depending on which submersion zone you have) from TB31A board, which could develop IR leakage due to faulty insulation between various circuits, integrator.

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