Lennox furnace error code b1

If you have a Lennox furnace, you may have come across some error codes. One such error is b1.

This error code means that there has been an interruption in the line voltage to the gas valve control circuit. The gas valve is not functioning properly, and as a result, your furnace may not work properly.

If you get this error code, it is best to call a qualified HVAC professional to find out what the problem is with your furnace and fix it for you.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning products and solutions, Lennox also produces furnaces. When it comes to furnace error code B1, it means that the circuit breakers are not properly set or tripped.

Not all codes are simple to decipher. The B1 error usually relates to a problem with the blower motor.

In order for it to function properly, the motor must be rotating at a high speed and there is a sensor that monitors this rotation. If the blower stops rotating, then a safety circuit will shut off power to the furnace in order to protect you from hearing damage and potential fire hazards.

The most common reason for this code is due to defective motor windings on one side of the shaft or another faulty speed sensor or thermostat.

One thing that can cause these problems is if there was an attempt made by someone who was not qualified with this type of appliance, such as trying to replace screws themselves without having the right equipment.

The most likely cause for this error is a bad TEC on the burner module.

Lennox furnace error code b1 is a type of error code that is the worst and the most dreaded. If you happen to see this error code, then it means that there is something unusual happening with your boiler, such as improper gas flow or malfunctioning sensors. These are at a severe risk of damaging the heating system.

It is recommended to fix Lennox furnace error code b1 immediately and call an expert in case this error keeps reoccurring.