Lennox furnace error code bc

Lennox, a furnace and air conditioner brand, is a United Technologies Corporation subsidiary. Lennox manufactures residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment, including furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and packaged rooftops and hydro-air systems.

Lennox has an error code that is BC. This error code stands for “Blower or Fan Circuit Blown Fuse”. This is the most common problem with a Lennox gas furnace, resulting in no heat being delivered to the home.

Lennox manufactures furnaces and thermostats to the highest quality standards and provides superior comfort, reliability and efficiency.

Below is a list of Lennox furnace error codes BC.

The first digit corresponds to the type of failure, with 1 for start-up and main burner issues, 2 for sensors, controls or blowers, and 3 for condensate or gas problems. The second digit corresponds to the system that failed. For example 2 means an issue with a controller or sensor system. The third digit is a troubleshooting code that offers more detailed information about the problem.

An Error Code BC can be caused by one of these problems:

1) Furnace cooling fan not running

2) Thermostat display decoding problem

3) Refriger

Lennox furnaces have a range of error codes that several different things can cause.

A blown a fuse can cause an error code BC. Usually, this is caused by a power outage or when the furnace is switched off while the blower is running.