Lennox furnace error code e1

Lennox furnace error code e1 is an error code found in the control system of this heating appliance. It indicates that one of the combustion blower motor stages is not running.

There is no answer to what causes a Lennox furnace error e1 (possible causes include bad connection, short circuit, clogged combustor) and how it can be fixed. When this error code appears, the best thing to do is contact a professional who knows how to fix your lennox furnace.

It’s best to contact a Lennox expert at your earliest convenience when you find yourself experiencing lennox furnace error code e1 problems.

Lennox furnace error code e1 is the most common error code that appears on a Lennox furnace. The error code usually indicates a problem with the thermostat.

Lennox furnace error code e1 is a heating or cooling system malfunction. This can happen when an electronic device malfunctions when there is a power outage, when the wrong type of fuse is installed, or when there are drains in the cooling system that restrict normal flow.

This error code means that the heat exchanger fan motor is not running, so your furnace is not producing heat.