Lennox furnace error code e125

Lennox is a manufacturer of furnaces and other heating equipment.

If the furnace has an error code E125, the gas valve has been out of service for too long. This can happen if the gas supply to your home is cut off.

Lennox E125 Error Code

The Lennox E125 error code has been observed in the following model and serial numbers of furnaces:

When this error code is observed, the gas sensor is not reading gas levels properly. If you continue to see this error code, it’s highly recommended to contact a licensed HVAC technician.

Error Code E125 is an intermittent error associated with your furnace’s blower fan. If an intermittent error occurs, the furnace will turn on for a couple of minutes and then shut off.

Lennox furnace error code E125 usually means that the blower is not working. The blower could be blocked or have a broken belt. This article will teach you how to troubleshoot this issue and what to do if the issue persists.

Blocked Blower

– First, inspect the area around the furnace for any blockages that may restrict air flow. If any are found, remove them carefully with a broom handle or something of similar size.

– Check to make sure there are no tree branches, leaves, or other debris in front of vents which should be clear for adequate airflow.

– Make sure the furnace is set up correctly and on a flat surface

– if it’s not level it may cause restrictions in airflow and lead to errors like E125.

The Lennox furnace system is a residential heating and air conditioning system with a self-diagnostic capability. The self-diagnostic capability is built so that the user can diagnose the problem themselves.

A common problem with the Lennox furnace system is getting a code E125 error. The error code E125 can be due to several factors, such as:

– Power outage

– PN4 Sensor Error

– Malfunctioning Control Board

Although this error can be problematic, it’s not difficult to solve. You can do many things to fix this issue and get your Lennox furnace back up and running.