Lennox furnace error code f6

The Lennox F6 error code is a gas furnace error and is typically caused by a problem with the gas valve or one of the safety devices installed in the system. This error code can mean that:

1) The pilot flame has been extinguished or insufficient.

2) The thermocouple has broken, is damaged or is improperly located.

3) A malfunctioning control board is displaying this message erroneously.

4) There’s an electrical power failure in the home’s electrical system

This article talks about an error code that is seen on Lennox furnaces.

It provides the common cause of this error code and explains how to fix it.

Lennox furnaces usually have an f6 error code, which means a problem with the flame sensor. This can be easily fixed by replacing the sensor with a new one and restarting the system.

Lennox furnaces are the most common type of furnace used in residential homes.

The F6 error code indicates that a malfunction has been detected with the control board.

In rare cases, this can mean a malfunction with one of the parts within the furnace. It is usually related to an electrical problem within your home.

As this is a very common issue, Lennox provides a troubleshooting guide for you to troubleshoot your furnace.