Lennox furnace error code G71

Lennox furnaces have a unique way of communicating when there is a problem. This is why lennox furnace error code G71 information can be accessed on the company’s website with just a few clicks.

Before using the Lennox Furnace in a home, it is important to understand the different error codes that may appear on the control panel. Here are some common errors and how to resolve them.

The Lennox furnace error code G71 is caused by a leaky or clogged fibre or suction line.

If a lennox furnace error code G71 comes up, the furnace will not turn on. This is an error code that can occur for a variety of reasons, but typically it means that there is an issue with either the circuit board or the thermostat.

G71 can be caused by water or being too close to the pilot light or electrical spark heater. It can also be caused by experiencing problems with the thermostat wiring and thermocouple wires.

If you have encountered this error code, there are two possible solutions. The first one is to use clearwater as a cleaning agent to clear your furnace’s blocked filters. Another solution is replacing them with new ones and changing the filters earlier.

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