Lennox furnace error code id

Lennox furnace error code ID is an important point of a Lennox furnace. Lennox furnaces give an error code when they are broken, which can be a useful way to troubleshoot the issue.

In this article, we will go over what Error Code ID means for your house and how to fix it.

This page is about the Lennox Error Code ID.

The Lennox error code ID is a numerical value given to identify the problem with the furnace. The following table provides a list of different error codes and their meanings:

1.0000-No Fault Found

2.0001-Invalid Address

2.0002-Invalid Command, Change Memory Bank and Execute Command

2.0003-Invalid Data, Attempting Rebuild of Secondary Memory Bank

2.0004-Memory Failure Detected, Data in the Secondary Memory bank may be corrupt or missing

Lennox furnaces are best known for their use of an electric arc furnace to heat metal, as well as their use of stored heat from burning coal.

Lennox furnace error code ids are a set of codes that tell the user what is wrong with the furnace, so it can be fixed. They typically indicate that there is either a low voltage humming noise or high pitch, or no sound at all; internal thermostat errors and sensor errors; and power outage errors.