Lennox furnace error code is 6.06

Lennox manufactures and sells gas and oil-fired furnaces. The Common Lennox furnace error code is 6.06 which relates to vane motor redundancy.

This article will help you understand what Lennox furnace error code of 6.06 actually means, as well as some common supplementary error codes associated with it, such as 6.07 or 5.02a.”Error Code – 5.02

An error code 5 is the most common type in Lennox furnaces, inputting data number “5” prompts your furnace to run in a diagnostic mode.”

Some of the Lennox furnace error codes were caused by a fault in the upper limit sensor. Another possible cause is frost in the sensor when there is freezing weather.

Lennox furnaces are both reliable and maintainable. They use sophisticated sensors to detect any problems with their system, which helps avoid any costly repairs by acting as an early warning sign for your home’s heating and cooling abilities.

According to Lennox, regular service is a key to proper monitoring of the furnace errors that could present themselves in an HVAC system.

In any HVAC system, there will be errors that come about because of malfunction or misuse and these can affect the heat or the air conditioning in your home. Stay up-to-date on all of your HVAC needs and bring your Lennox furnace checked often.

If a Lennox furnace displays an error code 6.06 followed by an L-2, then it will most likely be caused by a clogged air burner.

Troubleshooting steps:

Make a visual inspection of the exhaust vent tube on the exterior and interior of the house in order to identify the site where debris may have been collected.  Using a metal rod, carefully rotate fusible links in either direction to clear any wayward strapping straps or clumped school paste from parts of the combustion chamber.  If all sources of damage identified are inaccessible or damaged then contact the place for diagnostics.

Some furnaces include a diagnostic setting that allows the operator to determine if the unit might need maintenance or not.

This information can be valuable for people who have an older, less expensive furnace as it will provide them with the knowledge to keep their power costs controlled.

The error code 6.06 l-2 is an error code on Lennox outdoor condensing furnaces where the blower speed is too high and, in some cases when improper humidifier set points are used.

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