Lennox furnace error code level 1.1

The lennox furnace error code level 1.1 is a common error code that occurs on a Lennox furnace when the gas is not turned on properly.

The most common cause of this error code is that the gas valve was turned off and then back on when you tried to start the furnace so that it won’t start. This can be fixed by turning the gas off and waiting about 15 minutes before attempting to restart your furnace again.

Lennox furnace error codes are typically used to indicate a problem with the furnace, but they can also indicate something wrong with the burner assembly.

As this lennox furnace error code 1.1 indicates, the burner assembly may need to be replaced.

This section will cover a lennox furnace error code level 1.1.

Lennox furnace error code level 1.1 results from a sensor not activating the blower or the blower but not starting the burner. You need to replace the blower motor or replace it with a new one and then retest it to ensure that it is working properly.

Lennox furnace error code level 1.1 indicates a serious problem in the furnace.

The Lennox Furnace Error Code 1.1 advisory is a safety warning issued by Lennox Industries, Inc., to inform customers when the conditions are such that it’s advisable to call a professional service technician because of an unsafe gas concentration measurement or excessive gas smell.

The number of furnace code errors and warnings has increased by 15% to 20% in the past ten years, according to the Lennox website, which points out that this increase may be due to more people having central heating systems in their homes. Still, it could also be due to more frequent use of high-efficiency furnaces that take longer to warm up and shut off when they reach their optimal temperature setting.

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