Lennox furnace error code p1

The heating element has failed and needs to be replaced, or an error in the programming has caused a power failure.

A Lennox furnace error code p1 can mean one of two things: either the safety system has tripped and cannot reset itself, or one of the heating elements should be replaced. However, if your furnace stops working on a cold day and stays off for more than twenty minutes without turning on automatically or if it keeps turning off when it’s supposed to stay on, you should call a professional.

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There are many different kinds of Lennox furnace error code p1.

But the most common types of Lennox furnace error code p1 are the unit not receiving enough power, a problem with the thermostat, or a faulty burner.

Lennox furnace error code P1 is an error code that occurs during the start-up process of a Lennox furnace.

When a homeowner has this issue, and he or she is not sure what to do, he or she should contact an expert to get it resolved.