Lennox furnace error code primary/secondary limit switch open

Air quality is an important factor for a home’s air conditioner to work effectively. Lennox furnaces are known for their high level of efficiency. However, this comes up with a price. They are pricey, and that makes the maintenance process difficult.

Lennox furnaces require annual maintenance, and if you miss out on it, they might be less efficient or even cause the furnace to need repair or replacement.

At some point, one of your limit switches opens up, and your lennox furnace error code will have “primary/secondary” written on it. This can cause expensive damage if not dealt with at an earlier stage of the repair process before it causes more damage to the equipment.

One of the most common problems homeowners experience with their Lennox furnaces is the error code indicating a low-limit switch is open. This error code will appear on the furnace’s display randomly and intermittently. The best way to fix this issue is by changing your limit switches.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what a lennox furnace error code primary/secondary limit switch open means and give you some useful tips on how to fix it.

In order to know what is causing the problem, you should first read your furnace manual, which explains its technical specifications and protocol for faults. If you don’t have your manual, it’s not a problem – just contact your dealer for assistance in identifying which part needs to be replaced and how much you need to

A Lennox heater is a type of gas or electric heating boiler, and unlike other types of boilers, it has a control board that can get “locked up” if the limit switch opens. This error code makes it difficult for technicians to identify the cause of this mix-up and often leads to costly repairs.

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