Lennox furnace error code quiz

The lennox furnace error code quiz is an interactive quiz that helps you to understand the different codes and what to do when you see them.

The information in this section about the lennox furnace error code quiz comes from sources including Lennox Furnace Error Code Quiz and Lennox Furnace Error Codes.

Lennox furnace error code quiz is a quiz that helps the user to find out their error code and call for service.

This quiz will help you determine the part of your Lennox furnace that needs repair or replacement. Try this quiz if you are unsure which part of your furnace needs service.

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If they cannot fix the issue, they need to provide the customer with a solution or a refund.

These errors range from heat exchanger leaks and high-side tripping within the furnace to a loss of phase in the furnace.

You might have an error code on your Lennox furnace for several reasons. The most common reason for this is overflowing air filters.

This simple quiz will help you identify what has gone wrong with your lennox furnace.

Q1: When I turn on my furnace, the lights flicker and then shut off

A) The power supply switch is too far from the main transformer

B) One or more transformers have failed

C) My power supply switch is in the off position

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