Lennox furnace error code u2

Lennox is an American heating and air-conditioning equipment manufacturer and the second largest HVAC company in the world.

A Lennox furnace error code of u2 indicates a malfunction in the furnace’s primary heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger sends combustion gases to cool down to the secondary heat exchanger and then back to the combustion chamber. The u2 error usually occurs when the gas flow is blocked by a foreign matter in or near the primary heat exchanger.

Lennox Furnace Error Code U2 is used when there is a problem with the fan coil. This can happen when the gas valve is flooded, or there is low pressure at the burner.

Lennox Furnace Error Code U2 can be caused by several other problems. For example, if the furnace’s thermocouple or hvac system sensor is faulty, it will cause this error code to pop up.

This Lennox furnace error code means that one of the following fans needs to be turned off: main fan, auxiliary fan, exhaust fan or heat recovery ventilator.

Lennox furnace error code u2 deals with basic nuisances that arise from time to time and don’t require much work from an authorized technician.

The Lennox furnace error code u2 is an information message that indicates a problem with the burner ignitor, the flame sensor, or the flame sensor wiring.

If ignored, the Lennox furnace error code u2 can cause serious harm to your home and your loved ones. Read on to find out what this code means and how to fix it.