Lennox furnace ml180uh error code

Lennox furnace has a strange error code that is called ml180uh. It is unusual and rare to have this error code, but it means that the temperature sensor in the combustion chamber has been damaged.

There are two causes of this issue:

1) The sensor failed and needs replacement;

2) The relay has malfunctioned

Lennox furnaces create a comfortable living environment by heating and cooling throughout the home. However, these furnaces can sometimes encounter errors.

In some cases, consumers may receive the Lennox furnace error code ml180uh. Error codes can be tricky to decipher and get the exact cause of the error in question. However, our article will explain how to fix this error code after your lennox furnace has encountered it.

Lennox Furnace ML180UH Error Code occurs when the system cannot identify what is causing the issue. If you are still experiencing the issue, let’s troubleshoot this error code to fix it.

The Lennox ML180UH Error Code can tend to happen for a variety of reasons, including:

– The thermostat is not receiving power from the line voltage source.

– The furnace received power but also received a signal that regulates its power output as well as control its operation

– The control board has failed and needs to be replaced

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