Lennox furnace mS8 error codes

Lennox furnace mS8 error codes are a way to diagnose the issue if the Lennox furnace is not working properly. It contains error codes to help you troubleshoot it.

The most common reason this code appears is a blocked filter or a faulty thermostat. But, it can also happen if there is an electrical malfunction, clogged flue or inefficient combustion process.

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Lennox furnace mS8 error codes could be the result of many things, for example:

– A sensor is not working properly

– The thermostat is set too high or too low for the current room temperature

– The thermocouple or flame sensor is not working correctly

– There is a problem with the system wiring from the furnace to the thermostat

– A faulty component in the circuit board causes a fault in one of the circuits, which causes an error code.


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