Lennox furnace slp98 error code 228

Lennox furnace slp98 error code 228 is an error code that appears when the heat exchanger on your furnace fails.

The following are some of the most common causes of slp98 errors:

– Malfunctioning burner igniter

– Improper fuel line pressure or temperature

– Damaged heat exchanger

The error code in question is 228. This code indicates a problem with the furnace’s pilot light or open spark.

This error code can also appear when there is a low voltage condition in the furnace. The most common cause is the voltage regulator, which has failed and needs to be replaced.

It’s not uncommon for Lennox furnaces to experience an error code of 228, but it indicates an issue with your furnace’s pilot light or spark system.

Lennox furnace slp98 error code 228 is a very common error code on Lennox furnaces. The problem can be fixed by the user manually changing the controller setpoint to a lower or higher value.

The SSP is a complicated setting for homeowners to change, so when they get an error code that indicates this, there is usually no need for an HVAC technician to come out and fix it.

Lennox furnace slp98 error code 228 is a problem that has been fixed in newer models of furnaces. If you have this problem with your furnace, you should check online resources for help on how to fix it.

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