Lennox furnaces error code 5+2

Lennox, a company at the forefront of HVAC manufacturing and services in Canada, has been making top-quality furnaces for almost 50 years.

For those without a Lennox dealer nearby, the furnace can be diagnosed remotely with Lennox’s iService365 software.

The error code 5+2 means that there is an error reading the dipswitch input subsystem while in redundancy mode. And this corresponds to an array of 3 modules (LMA1).

The “5+2” is the Lennox manufacturer-set default for code for this type of error. This error happens when the furnace is unable to communicate because of a problem in the network – most likely due to a cable issue – or when it has failed.

Lennox furnaces provide a variety of features for home comfort. One of their downsides may be the error codes. It’s understandable that you want to refine furnace error code terms like “5+2”.

Information about pricing, features, and reasons for preferred methods of installation are available on Lennox’s website.

Evidence indicates it is not always worthwhile to replace your Lennox furnace when it starts showing signs of age.

Experts suggest that this is because a lot can be repaired over the phone remotely through online access.

Translation of Error Code 5+2 – A furnace fault in sensor pad 2 or the sensor pad 2 is disconnected.

The code could mean that the heating mechanism isn’t working properly, or that the HVAC can’t detect your home’s current temperature.

Possible Solutions:

Check sensors and replace them if there are any damaged or inoperable ones. This also includes checking any wires attached to the sensors and making sure they are tightly screwed into place. If you have a gas furnace, CHECK GAS PRESSURE in your control panel first before doing anything else, and always disconnect power when testing sensors and electronics in the furnace enclosure space. If you have an electric furnace, check for wiring issues and repairs before getting a repairman to fix it for you).


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