Lennox furnaces error code 56

The Lennox error code 56 is often caused by a problem with the circuit board.

In order to identify and fix the Lennox Error Code 56, you would need an advanced diagnostics system or an expert technician. Lennox furnace error code 56 is a commonly reported issue that most often occurs when the unit is already in a damaged, power-saving mode.

Lennox has a history of high-quality products that have proven to offer the best in innovation, reliability, and efficiency. The Lennox furnace error code 56 is an indication that the control board needs to be replaced.

The Lennox furnace error code 56 is one of the most common problems with their furnaces. It is caused by a faulty control board and can be solved by replacing it.

The user manual for the Lennox furnace provides information for clear error code indications and service procedures. If you don’t happen to have your Lennox owner’s manual, most search engines should be able to point you in the direction of one so that you can determine what faulty part requires replacement and what needs to be done in order to fix your system. Error codes for other models of fireplace are going to be different than error codes for a different furnace – what is definitely going to remain consistent are the diagnostic steps, which will likely differ slightly between different models but will all start with locating either the pilot or blower motor and checking on those areas as well as checking inside the combustion chamber (specifically at LX.)

Lennox furnace error code 56 is often encountered when experiencing difficulties with the control system. Typically this indicates that there is an issue with either fan or damper control or sequential processing. In order to repair, find and clean the F1, F2, and X terminals for the D3 board.


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