lighting the pilot light on a Heil furnace

The pilot light is a small, low-intensity flame on the top of the furnace. It lights when you open the gas valve to the furnace, and it’s used to ignite the main burner. The pilot light won’t stay lit very long if not enough air gets to it, so a furnace might need extra attention to continue burning. If your furnace has an automatic ignition system, use these steps:

1. Turn off all circuit breakers or unplug the power cord

2. Open all cabinet doors

3. Turn on the circuit breaker or plug in the power cord

4. Depress the reset button and wait 5-10 seconds

5. Observe flames

Pilot lights provide a continuous flow of gas for many different furnaces. While pilot lights can be lit in several ways, the most common way is by turning the gas valve on and lighting the pilot with a match.

Heil offers a variety of equipment for residential and commercial heating needs, including furnaces and boilers.

Heil furnaces come with a pilot light that you will need to turn on for the furnace to work. Locate the red “PILOT OUT” knob near the “IN” knob. Turn this knob clockwise until it clicks, then wait until you see the flame ignite before turning it off.