Limit switch Heil furnace

A limit switch is a safety device that will turn off the furnace if the door is opened or detects an unsafe condition.

A limit switch should be installed near the heat exchanger on most Heil furnaces. They are not a necessary safety feature, but they are highly recommended.

The limit switch senses when the fans have stopped and then shuts down the furnace.

Limit switches are used in industrial applications to shut down equipment when a predetermined temperature is reached. The limit switch is designed to stop the electric current from flowing to the motor that operates the fan of a forced air furnace, for example, before an overheating condition occurs (fan failure).

Limit switches are an important part of a furnace system. These are switches that are designed to be used in high-temperature environments. They work by monitoring the temperature levels in the furnace and shutting it down when it reaches a certain point. With these limit switches, you can make sure that you are always working with a safe heating system.

The limit switch is an important part of a furnace system because it will shut down the furnace before any high temperatures can be reached or sustained in that space area. This ensures no damage to any equipment or personnel operating on-site, providing safety for all individuals.