lo code on Goodman furnace

The Goodman Manufacturing Company is a company that manufactures heating and air conditioning products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It has been in business since 1915.

The company produces HVAC products such as furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, humidifiers and dehumidifiers for homes and businesses. The company sells its products through distributors to heating contractors and wholesalers, who in turn sell the products to dealers or homebuilders for installation in a customer’s home or building. Goodman has also recently started selling its products through electrical retailers as well as online.

The Goodman furnace is a heating system that utilizes dependable operation, efficiency, and convenience. With the code ‘LO’ indicating the status of the flame sensor, you can tell if your furnace is operating at optimum levels.

In addition to this sensor, there are also other indicators for when there is a problem with the furnace. The code ‘NO’ indicates that there is a problem with the gas control valve and the ‘HI’ code indicates that there has been a high limit switch activation.

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