My Heil furnace won’t light.

I had my furnace serviced twice, and they told me it was fine and working, but it won’t light up. They also told me that the gas would still come out of the vent even if a pilot were out. I’m not sure what to do next.

-Check your homeowners manual for troubleshooting tips on how to light your pilot light

-Check if the thermocouple isn’t broken or malfunctioning

-Check your thermostat settings, reset them and check again

-Look for any signs of a gas leak

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The furnace is not lighting because the pilot flame is out.

-Locate the pilots by looking at your furnace’s system diagram or locating the furnace’s access panel (usually located near a side door).

-Find the pilot flame and use a long, narrow object to reach it.

-If you do not have anything around, you can use a matchstick or lighter to light it.