Payne furnace codes 3 flashes

Payne furnace codes 3 flashes are a type of fuse that is used to help control the power. There are over 10 different types of these fuses.

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Payne Furnace Code 3 Flashes:

On your control board, you may see a display that resembles this one:


This indicates that there is a problem with the fan motor on this zone. When you press ‘1’ on your keypad to activate zone three’s system, the fan should come back on and run normally.

Payne Furnace Code 3 Flashes : The code has been around for decades and remains one of the most widely used troubleshooting codes by heating engineers around the world

Payne furnace codes 3 flashes are usually caused by a defective heating element. If you’ve ever seen these codes, it can be a sign of trouble. You can also see if the heating element needs replacement or repair.

A- A11: The spark plug is shorted to earth

B- B1: The control circuit is closed

C- C3: The control relay has failed

D- D2: When the high limit thermostat opens, current will flow from the power supply to the low limit thermostat