Payne furnace error code 32


The error code is on refrigerant flow restriction and the user needs to check the refrigerant high-side pressure limit.

A Payne Furnace has one of these 3 main thermostats: cool touch, Payne high-limit, 200°F (90°C).

The cool touch thermostat breaks easily, the high-limit model is more likely to break.

You should also check the thermocouple wires. Some models have a lifetime warranty on defective parts.

Payne Furnace Error Code 32 means that the temperature below the high limit on a primary heat exchanger has exceeded 236 degrees Fahrenheit for three continuous minutes or more.

It is important to monitor the furnace and to make sure that it does not get too cold. This can be achieved by using a thermostat as well as checking for a leak in the ducts.

Blower quenching is a process that is carried out for cooling the air of the furnace airports so that the turbine does not get blown off. The blower fan is worked by a blade-type device connected to a slowly rotating shaft and blows hot gas from turbines outward by pushing it through one or more diffusers. If there is water leaking from pipes, then this may be an indication that there is some coolant transfer problem with these pipes or tubes. This can cause icing on these tubes while they are exposed to thermal shock and high temperatures of this process.

Everyone understands how insulation only has to be laid in limited areas but the refractory lining has to cover everything that comes into contact with hot gases, like the furnace shell, interior walls, and ceiling plate located above-furnace airports. The succeeding layer in insulation melts faster when it occupies space some distance away from convection, giving plenty of time before combustion temperature reverts close enough to melt the colder