Pressure switch stuck closed Goodman furnace

The Goodman furnace is a heating appliance that uses natural gas to provide heat. Though it’s very efficient, it’s notorious for being finicky and having a tendency to break down. The pressure switch stuck closed on the furnace can be an innocuous problem or a life-threatening one.

With the help of an app, Goodman can remotely troubleshoot heating issues and provide support for his clients.

The need for responsive customer service has increased with the increasing usage of smart devices and AI. Companies like Goodman can now easily offer their customers a digital solution available when they need it.

Goodman furnaces are famous for their reliability and the pressure switch that keeps them running. Unfortunately, the pressure switch is not designed to be opened more than 90 degrees, so it can be difficult to access when it is stuck closed.

This issue has been causing problems for many homeowners. It’s a common occurrence, according to Goodman owners, who have had the same problem in all their homes.

In this article, we explain how to open a furnace pressure switch without damaging your furnace or getting burned yourself.

The first step involved using a wrench, but we recommend using needle-nose pliers as they are easier and safer to use in tight spaces like this one.

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