Pressure switch stuck open Goodman furnace

An unexpected pressure switch stuck open the goodman furnace, which is my main concern. I could not solve the problem without hiring a professional technician.

The Goodman furnace pressure switch is an electronic switch that monitors the pressure of fuel oil and shuts off the furnace if it exceeds the set limit. It has three settings: “Off,” “On,” and “Auto.” The pressure switch sticks open when it fails to close after tripping or when the burner igniter trips and goes into standby mode. This prevents gas from escaping from the tank, which causes serious damage to components in your house.

A pressure switch is a device used to protect the system from too high or too low pressures in pipes, tanks, and other systems. More commonly, it is called a pressure relief valve. They are used to prevent explosions and measure the pressures of gas tanks and pressure vessels.

When the switch fails, the furnace will not work, which leaves you with no heat or doesn’t reach any level of heating. Over time, this causes significant damage to the furnace unit, so it should be repaired as soon as possible.

The switch used in the Goodman furnace is a pressure switch rather than a temperature switch. If the pressure rises, it would be impossible to turn off this furnace without opening it.

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