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In July 2015, a major Viessmann a9 fault caused the German nuclear power plant in Gundremmingen to shut down. This set off a chain reaction of more shutdowns across Europe’s system. Little did we know, this chain is not the first time it’s occurred–but what is prompting these recurrent and deeply concerning faults?

A research committee in Germany studied over two decades about the cause of the Viessmann a9 fault and released its findings on 11/2/2018. The committee unanimously concluded that the Viessmann reactors would shut down completely from 2020 onwards, or before 2020 if it becomes too economical for operators to operate them based on forecasted future market prices for electricity. But why were all those reactor closures needed? – According to the study, over-reliance on fossil fuel power supplies has been playing an exponentially increasing role in fault tripping that leads to shutdowns.


Introduction:    There are four causes of

Recently, the Viessmann a9 fault has been caused by a high-temperature problem. Here are some of the incompatibilities between the thermostat location and the installation location in the system

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