Viessmann boiler 100 fault code f1

The first step for troubleshooting a boiler that is not operating properly is to find the fault code. When you press the maintenance button, the fault code will display on the boiler control panel.

Viessmann boiler codes and the meaning of each code.

All Viessmann boilers have several fault codes that help diagnose equipment failures. F1 is a power cut or intermittent power supply. F2 can be a weak flame caused by improper ventilation, too high or too low fuel pressure, insufficient fuel input, ignition failure or dirty burners.

Fault code f1 is the “High-Temperature Limit” message. This means that the boiler control module has detected a temperature rise over the set limit. The user controls the upper limit, which can be changed through programming with the E2BUS or by setting it on-screen via remote control.


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