Viessmann boiler 100 reset

The base model of the Viessmann boiler is 100. The 100 has a cast iron hot water tank with a volume of approximately 12 litres, which is enough for one bath. The boiler has a single heating element and an automatic safety valve that opens when the pressure inside the tank exceeds 3 bar. However, if you don’t want to use them, you can opt to set your pressure manually.

When it comes to resetting your boiler, two ways are most common. You can first turn off the power from the electrical panel, or use the manual release valve on your furnace and pressurize it again with air before turning it back on.

The viessmann boiler 100 has many different settings. This can become overwhelming, especially for new owners. Different settings need to be changed depending on what you want to use the boiler for.

The viessmann boiler 100 is a residential water heater designed for smaller homes, apartments and townhouses with up to 4 people. It features an ultra-quiet condensing gas boiler and an easy-to-read LCD with individual temperature controls for each room. In this article, we provide you with some guidelines on resetting it back to factory settings so that you can start afresh without worrying about some of the more complicated features of this product.

The boiler reset is an important function of the boiler. You might need to reset the boiler for several reasons, such as a power cut during ignition or a system malfunction.

To reset your viessmann boiler 100, please follow these simple steps:

Firstly press the keypad on your thermostat (or remote control) and then press and hold the ON pad until you see ‘SAVE’ and ‘OC’ in green letters on display.

Afterwards, press ON for 4 seconds and release. The boiler will now be in ‘Service Mode.’

Next, adjust OC to the desired temperature setting by pressing DOWN if you need to decrease it or UP if you need to increase it.

Now press SET for 5 seconds and release again. The display will now show ‘SLEEP’ until you manually switch it off at your thermostat or remote control again.

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