Viessmann boiler error 2C

The boiler was not heating, and the error code was 2C on the first use.

The error 2C code is often a symptom of a faulty temperature sensor. The sensor can be at fault for an installation error or wear and tear over the years. Sometimes, the error is caused by the flue gas being too moist.

IoT-enabled devices have already made our lives much easier in many ways. But what about your heating system? Can it be controlled remotely with an Internet connection? Yes! We know that Viessmann boiler control systems are equipped with WLAN technology, enabling you to take charge of your heating system from your smartphone or tablet.

This issue can be caused by the following:

– Disconnection of the pipe behind the boiler.

– Damage to the boiler or pressure sensor.

– Connection of external water tank with a different pressure value.

The boiler will automatically shut off the first time the error code 2C occurs. All the sensors will be checked to see if there is a problem and if everything appears normal, the heat will be turned back on. If this error code comes up again within a short period, then it is more than likely that there is a problem with one or more of your sensors.

Error Code 2C means that something has gone wrong with one or more internal sensors and needs to be fixed immediately to avoid damage to your boiler.

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