Viessmann boiler error 4

The error message is caused by a problem with the boiler’s ignition system. The following are some steps that you can take to solve this error message:

-Refill or replace the water in the boiler

-Turn off and unplug the boiler

-Remove any cleaning tablets or scouring pads from inside of the boiler

-Allow time for the pump pressure to balance out before turning it on again

-If these steps don’t fix the issue, you may need to contact an expert for further assistance.

Viessmann boiler error 4 is an issue that has many causes and solutions.

There are many causes for viessmann boiler error 4. For instance, the water level might be too high or the room temperature too low. In these cases, the user must solve the issue manually by resetting the tripped protection device or adjusting the water level settings on the thermostat manual.

The solutions range from a simple restart to repairing a broken part of the boiler. The first solution is to press and hold a reset button on your boiler for about 10-12 seconds; this will make your viessmann boiler work again. If this doesn’t work, you should have your technician check into it more thoroughly and repair any broken parts of your system accordingly.

This error is mainly caused by a lack of water in the boiler. This could be due to a problem with the feeder or a problem with the pipe feeding water to the boiler.

The solution would be as follows:

– If there is no water in the boiler, ensure an open valve for water. Check for any blockages in the pipe. If these steps do not work, check if there are any other problems with your boiler and then contact an expert.

– If you have plenty of water, but it has stopped heating up, check if your control panel is turned on and any buttons are being pressed. Turn off and on all buttons related to heating and turn on the circuit breaker switch for 5 seconds, then try again after 5 minutes have elapsed without success.

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